My new blog design & colour scheme!


I recently decided to update my blog design, so I thought I’d write a quick post about the changes I’ve made. I chose the premium Dreamer theme by HipsterThemes because I liked the simple design, the borders around the blog and widgets, and the option to choose the colours of every element.

Blog Screenshot


Pictured above is what my blog looked like after I switched to the Dreamer theme and drew my new blog header. I was happy with the layout, but I didn’t really like the colour scheme, so I decided to change it a few days ago.emily-underworld-colour-scheme

I wanted the header to be more purple, so I recoloured the text on photoshop, and used the Pantone colour libraries on there to choose a matching purple colour scheme for my blog. I also did a bit of research on the meanings of colours, which was interesting! I chose different shades of purple because I feel like it represents my blog and personality, plus it matches my hair! I also decided to make the little pictures I drew for my header into photoshop brushes to use on any graphics I make for blog posts or social media, and I’ll use the header text to watermark my photos.

It took a while to recolour everything, update the design and all of my social media headers / media kit, but I’m so much happier with my blog now!

What do you think of my new design?


Summer Holidays | #WeBlogSummer

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 13.58.45

Last week I wrote about a summer blog collaboration that I’m taking part in, called #WeBlogSummer. I completely forgot to write this week’s post (off to a great start), until last night when I checked my emails after a weekend at my boyfriend’s house!

The topic of Week 2 is ‘Summer Holidays’, which is quite a challenge because I’m not going on holiday this summer (sad face). I’ll be envious reading the other bloggers’ posts about their holidays! Despite not having an exciting trip abroad planned, my boyfriend and I are doing some fun things this summer before he starts his study abroad year in California and I go back to King’s. We’re going to a festival in Cornwall at the beginning of August, followed by a trip to London to see the Green Day musical ‘American Idiot’ to celebrate his 20th birthday, both of which I’m really excited for.

Other than that, I’ll be spending my time off university enjoying the sun, reading, playing with my fancy new Sony camera, and watching Prison Break with endless cups of tea and my boyfriend!


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8 Photos of Happiness

I got tagged by the lovely Hannah @ The Swirl to do the ‘8 Photos of Happiness’ challenge, so that’s what I’m doing today!

The rules:

  • Thank your nominator and link them in the post!
  • Link to the creator (Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet)
  • Post your 8 photos of happiness (the photos can be anything that represents a moment, object, place, or feeling that makes you happy)
  • Either choose to write a description of the photos + why they make you happy, or you can let the photos do the talking!
  • Spread the happiness by tagging up to 10 other bloggers!

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter mural

1. My Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter mural. This is one of my best memories ever. I got to design a mural for a Tim Burton & 20th Century Fox film and have it displayed in London. I also got given a Macbook Pro and got to see the film at 20th Century Fox studios!  Read more

Summer Blog Collaboration (#WeBlogSummer)

dragonfly-emily-underworldHi! Today I’m announcing a fun new project that I’m going to be involved in this summer. Myself and a few other bloggers are doing a blog series until the end of August called #WeBlogSummer. The idea was Sophia’s: we all write a blog post about a summer-related topic, schedule it for Mondays at 7pm, then link each other’s posts and have a chat on Twitter with the #WeBlogSummer hashtag.

To start things off, we’re talking about 5 things we’re excited for this summer, so here’s mine:  Read more

Did you know I create fonts?

Free Handwritten Fonts by Emily Underworld

I’m pretty sure I haven’t mentioned this in a blog post before (with the exception of my About Me page), but did you know that I create free handwritten fonts?

They aren’t the best, but a while back I decided to get a graphics tablet and make a few handwritten fonts. I’d completely forgotten about them, until I checked my DaFont page a while ago and realised that the 5 fonts I uploaded had 41,734 downloads! Pretty cool huh?

I definitely want to work on creating more handwritten fonts, and improving the quality of them – I’m not an expert yet, but these are a start!  Read more