19 October 2014

Mallzee, my Favourite Fashion App

I love fashion. I could spend hours trawling the internet, scouring for new trends, pretty clothes and good deals. However this hobby is very time-consuming, and as a student, I don't really have hours to spare to browse my favourite online stores and blogs. I came across Mallzee a while ago, and it really has changed the way I enjoy and buy fashion.

I like to shop around all of the high-street stores, so I typically have about 10 tabs open on Safari: ASOS, Topshop, Warehouse, New Look etc. Mallzee really has made it easier to browse different shops at once, and they've made it even more fun with a "tinder-like" app: you simply swipe left or right to rate the items as "yay" or "nay".

What's even better is that every item you swipe with a thumbs up is saved, so if you want to see it again or buy it, you can check out your saved items list. The items you dislike will not be shown to you again, which is another good feature!

Great for on-the-go browsing

I have to travel to University every day, which typically takes half an hour on the London Underground or nearly an hour on the bus. Rather than getting bored or falling asleep, I keep myself entertained by listening to music whilst continuously swiping "yay" or "nay" for the clothes, shoes and accessories that appear on my Mallzee app. 

It helps you save money!

Mallzee cleverly notifies me whenever any of the items I have saved go on sale, which is great because as a student, I'm always looking for sales and deals. Plus, the app is free, so what have you got to lose?

How to get the most out of Mallzee!

1. Choose your favourite brands, so that the app shows styles that you like (or for me, prices I can afford).
2. Create a style feed if you're looking for a particular item. You can select the type of item, colours, brands and price range. I find this so incredibly useful when I'm looking for a certain type of dress or pair of shoes.
3. Check out the features on the homepage: the app often showcases trends, sales and bloggers!

I made a short video showing myself using the app to show you how easy and fun it is:

This blog post is an entry for Mallzee's amazing blogger competition, which ends tomorrow. Mallzee are giving away some wonderful prizes for blogging, including an iPad Air courtesy of Ebuyer.com, a £250 voucher for a shop of your choice (what an amazing haul that would be!), a Canon Printer (as a student, this would be a life-saver!), and best of all, a blogging short-course at the London College of Fashion! I've been wanting to improve my blog for so long, and I'm living in London now for University, so that would be my favourite prize - to learn from industry experts would be wonderful.

Of course these prizes would be a dream come true, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed until the winner is announced! Good luck to everyone else entering.

Click here to download Mallzee, it's available on iPhone and iPad for free!

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17 October 2014

University Series: Picstick Fridge Magnets!

I managed to get a small fridge in my room at University, so of course I wanted to get some magnets to decorate it with. Picstick were offering bloggers a set of personalised magnets of your choice, and I was lucky enough to be chosen to review some!

The process of ordering with Picstick was so simple, you choose 9 photos that you want as magnets, either through uploading, Dropbox or Facebook, and voila! They were very quick to arrive (1-2 days for the UK) and I'm pleased with the image quality of each one.

Each magnet is 50x65mm, the ideal size for my fridge.

As you can see, I chose a few pictures of me with my friends, my little brothers and my dogs; it's nice to have a few memories of home in my university room.

If you're looking for personalised photo magnets, I really recommend Picstick for a fast, high-quality service. It only costs £9.50 with free worldwide delivery, and you can get 25% off with my code CARM25!

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15 October 2014

University Series: Outfit #1

As part of my new "university series", I've decided to start doing outfit posts! I hope you'll bear with me for a while as I attempt to take decent-ish photos that show the whole outfit with minimal background clutter and somewhat acceptable lighting. This challenge has proven quite difficult in my small university halls bedroom, and my lack of camera tripod doesn't help!

Today I wore an orange full skirt (River Island) with my new striped top from Tmart, a pair of black tights and my navy H&M duffel coat (when I went outside).

Tmart let me choose an item from their website to review, so I chose this cute Taylor-Swift-style embroidered top, which is also available in black. The top is only £8.74, but such amazing quality; I am very impressed with the thick cotton material and I love the embroidered detail. I will definitely be browsing Tmart's clothes section in the future when I'm looking for inexpensive fashion!

Thank-you for reading.

3 October 2014

University Series: Fairy Lights!

As I started university nearly 3 weeks ago, I've decided to start writing a series of blog posts about university. To begin, today's post is about the gorgeous fairy lights that I'm using to decorate the pin-board above my desk.

Blaze On, an ethical company that sells fairy lights and candles, were kind enough to send me some handmade fairy lights to review. After much deliberation (they have so many beautiful designs), I eventually chose the "Chelsea Rose" ones in the colour "Summer's Bouquet", which is a lovely variety of pinks and cream. I got the smaller length, which comes with 20 LED roses - the perfect size to display around my university pin-board. I'll be doing a post showing all of my bedroom decor soon, so you'll be able to see how cute these lights look in the room: they match my bedding perfectly.

In my opinion, the best part about these lights is that they are Eco-friendly. Blaze On use LED bulbs, meaning that they don't create heat, which is great because a lot of universities don't actually allow fairy-lights due to fire risk. Despite not emitting heat, these lights give off a lovely warm-looking glow imitating traditional ones, but without the safety hazard. They also use significantly less energy - up to 90% less than other fairy lights! Blaze On also use Fair Trade and ethically-sourced materials wherever possible.

The "Chelsea Rose" fairy lights are priced at £31.90, which is amazing as they are handmade with high-quality and Eco-friendly materials used, and they last up to 100,000 hrs/ten years! In addition, they come with 1 year of electronic guarantee and UK technical support. If roses aren't really 'your thing', Blaze On sell other varieties of fairy lights too, including lanterns and cute wicker hearts! As an honest reviewer, I completely recommend Blaze On for the most gorgeous fairy lights I've ever seen.

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2 September 2014

Summer Instagram Update!

Recently I've been really into Instagram, so today I've decided to write a quick update showing a few pics that I've posted this past week. These are just a few of my favourites, have a look at my Instagram (@emilyjaneneal) for more.

  • I visited the Eden Project with my Grandad and my brothers, and I've posted quite a few pictures of the "dinosaurs unleashed" summer feature,  as well as the biomes. I took this waterfall picture in the tropical biome.
  • My brother and I made some gingerbread stars, and the mixture ended up making a lot more than we expected!
  • I got a new dress from MissGuided with a lovely sunflower print. I bought this in the Bank Holiday sale for only £9.99!
  • I've been obsessed with this green nail polish from NailsInc, I'm currently wearing it on my fingers and toes, and I'm also showing off my Wreath Ring that I won from Kuka-Me.
  • I've been loving cute socks this summer, particularly these ones from ASOS.
  • Finally, I've posted a few pics of my new make-up storage, which I blogged about yesterday!

Don't forget to leave me a comment with your username so I can have a look at your Instagram!

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1 September 2014

New Makeup Storage!

Plastic Makeup Organiser Storage

As I'm going to University in less than two weeks, I've been buying a few storage items for my room in halls. I love the look of Muji makeup organisers, and I found a similar one on eBay for only £4.64 with free delivery. I was a bit sceptical about the quality because of the low price, but this is definitely sturdy enough!

This storage container is intended to hold 24 lipsticks, but I don't actually have that many (and if I did, I wouldn't take them all to uni), so I've added my mascaras, lipglosses, lipbalms and a few other products to fill up the spaces. I've also ordered a small set of drawers to store my other makeup products, such as blushes and eyeshadow.

Plastic Makeup Organiser Storage
My mascaras don't fit perfectly, but that's okay because this storage is supposed to be for lipsticks, and mascara tubes can be oddly-shaped.
Plastic Makeup Organiser Storage

I am really happy with this makeup organiser, it will definitely prevent my makeup becoming a jumbled mess when I get to Uni. I have also bought some storage for my stationery, but I'm still waiting for that to arrive, hopefully I get it in time!

Thank-you for reading,

20 August 2014

Coconut Oil Hair Mask by Old Wives Tail

Old Wives Tail Coco Loco Organic Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Hello! I haven't posted in a while because I've been sorting out my University stuff (which seems to be taking forever), and entertaining my little brothers. Anyway, today I'm reviewing a new favourite product of mine, a hair mask from Old Wives Tail. I've mentioned before that I'm really into natural beauty products, so when I was kindly offered a product from Old Wives Tail, an organic hair care company, I couldn't resist. I've read that coconut oil is amazing for skin and hair, so I chose the "Coco Loco Organic Coconut Oil Hair Mask".

Old Wives Tail Coco Loco Organic Coconut Oil Hair Mask

The scent of the mask is quite strong, which I personally like: it has a kind of minty scent that stays in my hair for a few days, which is great because my natural shampoo is actually unscented. Considering the mass of unruly curls that I have to deal with, I was very surprised at how soft my hair was after leaving this in for only an hour! I use it mainly on the ends of hair because they're dry, but it's also a good treatment for your scalp and encourages hair growth, which is another reason to add this to my hair care routine. I also find that I don't need to use conditioner after using this mask, because it makes my hair really soft. Old Wives Tail recommend sleeping with this in your hair, so I'll be doing that twice a week.

The Coco Loco mask is £14.95, which is a great price for a high-quality natural product made with organic ingredients and no parabens, sulfates, additives or chemicals. I am definitely interested in trying out a few more Old Wives Tail products, they don't test on animals and offer free worldwide delivery!

What are your favourite natural beauty products?

Thank-you for reading!