17 April 2014

Wishlist: Spreepicky (Asian Fashion)

Good afternoon everyone, sorry for not writing in a while - I've been busy with A-level work. I came across a Storenvy shop called Spreepicky, which sell uber cute asian fashion / lolita / cosplay outfits, through one of my favourite bloggers/youtubers, Noodlerella. As soon as I saw their cute princess-y clothes, it instantly became the top of my wishlist of stores to try.

Spreepicky is based in China, and the prices are in US dollars, but there is a currency converter on their website and they have free worldwide shipping!!

I've created a wishlist above featuring just a small selection of items that I like from Spreepicky:
1. Galaxy Star Short Sailor outfit - I've always wanted a sailor outfit, and this galaxy design is so cool! $65 / £38.66
2. Elegant Lace Chiffon Short Sleeve Top - This top is really pretty, with elegant details and a gorgeous pastel colour. $21.99 / £13
3. Sweet Chiffon Dress - This is the piece that I want the most, it's such a dainty dress and I love the detail on the neckline and the cute little sleeves! $52.99 / £30.50
4. Alice in Wonderland book crossbody bag - As you probably already know, I'm addicted to Alice in Wonderland, so this bag is a must-have! It's so cute and unique. $48.99 / £29
5. Princess Style Thick Heel Lolita Shoes - I love these cute bow shoes, they're adorable! $49.99 / £29.73
6. Sweet Heart-Shaped Hollowed-Out High-Waisted Shorts - These pastel high-waisted shorts have anchors on the buttons and cute heart cut-outs on each side! $45.99 / £27.35

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11 April 2014

Bright Colours from Nails Inc

Recently I was lucky enough to win a set of 4 Nails Inc polishes from Olivia @ Beauty from the Fjord. I chose these really bright colours because they're perfect for summer and I don't really have many colours this bright!

These are the colours I chose:
1. Kensington Mall
2. Notting Hill Carnival3. Seven Dials
4. Hyde Park Crescent

I am really impressed with the brightness of these polishes and how long-lasting they are. Since I got these I've been wearing Kensington Mall non-stop, and I can't wait to try out the other colours.

I am so grateful to Olivia for these, I only had one Nails Inc polish before winning these!

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31 March 2014

Jack Wills Sale Haul

I recently made two purchases from the Jack Wills 50% off sale, and I am really happy with them! I received my order on Saturday, and thankfully both skirts I got fit really well (although, being so short they are a bit long on me). I ordered two of the "Kilcoy" skirts, in Blue Stripe and Navy. They were reduced from £34 to £14!

They are great quality and really comfortable, and they fit just above the knee (well, more like on the knee for me). My only issue with these is the length - If you are shorter than 5ft4", these will be too long for you, unless you want them to be long. Strangely, the striped one is actually a bit shorter than the plain one, despite being the same skirt.

Anyway, I really am very happy with these, I love the quality of Jack Wills and the discount was amazing! I could always shorten the bottoms of the skirts, or fold over the waistband - for £14 each I'm not complaining! These skirts would look stunning on a tall girl!

Did you order anything from the Jack Wills 50% off sale?

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30 March 2014

La Jewellery by Lisa Anne

Recently I won a gorgeous necklace by La Jewellery from Sarah at LifeInABreakDown. It's so lovely and came packaged beautifully, so I decided to show you all. The heart necklace is made from 100% recycled brass, and it's a really unique piece - it'll definitely become one of my staple necklaces!

The Brass Love necklace is here for £19, it would make a lovely unique gift for someone, or a treat for yourself. I am very thankful to Sarah and La Jewellery for this lovely necklace!

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22 March 2014

Review: Hair Products for Curly Hair | John Frieda FrizzEase, Oakwood Aromatics & Aussie

Being a "curly girl", I was very excited to try out these John Frieda FrizzEase Dream Curls products for a campaign on BzzAgent! As every other curly girl will agree, the main issue that we have is frizz. Honestly I'm quite lucky, because I don't usually have major problems with frizzy hair, because I don't use heat at all (except when I occasionally straighten my hair), and I don't brush my hair either (I only use an afro comb). However, I still wanted to try out these products to see if they improved the way my hair looks / feels.

Last summer, I was really good and used a completely natural shampoo bar, and my curls were in the best condition they have ever been in. Shampoo bars without sulfates are really recommended by many for people with curly hair, as they make your hair really soft and less tangled, and of course sulfates in hair products is a huge cause of frizz! Anyway, it takes motivation to use natural shampoo bars because your hair will look a bit greasy for a while, and the smell is quite strong (well it was for the one that I had). The natural shampoo that I used was the Lemon & Peppermint solid handmade shampoo bar from Oakwood Aromatics - it was only £3, and really worth it - the bars last quite a long time. If you don't like the scent of lemon, they also do other scents including Lavender.

The only non-natural shampoo that I will happily use is Aussie. I am a big fan of their products - they smell great, are inexpensive and work well. I don't typically have frizz problems when using Aussie shampoo, and if I bothered with conditioner (I'm bad I know), I'm sure my hair would be less dry. Of course, using the Oakwood Aromatics shampoo is the best for my hair, but I use Aussie's Mega and Miracle Moist shampoos frequently because it's convenient, especially as I've been travelling recently, and they have a nicer smell than shampoo bars.

Anyway, I decided to try out these John Frieda FrizzEase products because they are targeted specifically to those with curly hair - the line is called "dream curls", so I assumed that it would solve frizz issues and make my curls look better. Honestly, saying that I'm disappointed is an understatement. Initially I was pleased, because the products have a nice smell and make my hair so soft, but they make the frizz worse! Like I said before, I never really have a problem with frizzy hair, so I noticed immediately when my hair dried that it was really frizzy. I thought that maybe this was because I had switched shampoos and my hair wasn't used to it, but I've been using these products for nearly 3 weeks now and I'm not impressed at all. I've been tying my hair up or wearing it in a side-braid à la Katniss Everdeen for around 2 weeks - I can't wear it down because of the frizz!

I gave these products the benefit of the doubt and tried them for a few weeks, using them exactly as recommended on the packaging - I even blow-dried my hair with a diffuser when using the "Go Curlier Heat Activated Spray" even though I never use a hairdryer usually, but I really didn't think the product made any positive improvement. For £6.99, I don't think it's worth purchasing.

The one product from this set that I am happy with is the Nourishing Oil Elixir. Obviously it doesn't work as well as Macadamia products, but it makes my hair feel silky smooth, and makes it look shiny and it's significantly cheaper at £9.99. I use this on second-day hair, or when I'm going to straighten it.

I'm not trying to make this post overly negative, these products work a lot better than many others that I've tried: they make my hair feel really soft and smell nice, but for curly hair I recommend Aussie or going with completely natural products.

Thanks for reading!