25 July 2014

What Makes Me Feel #BrandNew?

Ryman Stationery have just launched their new website, and they are running a blogger campaign to celebrate! Ryman have asked bloggers to write about what makes them feel #BrandNew, so that's the topic of my blog post today.

Starting University

When I begin University in September, it'll definitely be a #BrandNew experience for me, living away from home for the first time, in London! I'm really excited, but nervous at the same time, and of course I've got to get my A-Level results first. It's also an excuse to buy new stationery...


I've been enjoying doing step-ups on my Wii Fit, while sneakily watching TV!
Over the last few months, improving my fitness has been really important to me, and that's what makes me feel "brand new". I've mentioned before that I've been following Blogilates; Cassey's inspiring and motivating videos definitely make me feel #BrandNew (as well as very tired!).

I have a review coming up soon, but I thought I'd briefly mention that I've been wearing a fitness tracker (a Withings Pulse) that monitors my steps, heart-rate, sleep and more. In combination with my Wii Fit and the apps I have on my iPhone (MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper), I've been getting more exercise, making me feel a lot healthier and #BrandNew!

Thank-you for reading!
What makes you feel #BrandNew?

This post is not sponsored, but I will be sent some stationery from Ryman for taking part in the campaign. Make sure you check out Ryman's new website!

21 July 2014

Black Milk Disney Princesses & Villains Wishlist!

Black Milk Disney Princesses & Villains Wishlist
When I found out that Black Milk are coming out with a Disney collection, I immediately browsed through the entire collection on their Pinterest, re-pinning everything I like (nearly the whole collection of course). 

Black Milk's Disney Princesses & Villains collection is amazing. I love the fact that the collection is not just princesses, they've included the villains, Alice in Wonderland and the animal films like 101 Dalmatians, Aristocats and The Lion King. 

There are a lot of items on my wishlist from this collection (pretty much all of the Alice in Wonderland items), but I've managed to narrow it down for a reasonably-sized wishlist! 

17 July 2014

Staying Organised: Planner & Fitness Schedule

Good morning! Today I'm sharing with you how I stay organised, keep up with my blog posts and maintain my fitness schedule. I was kindly sent some cute pens and a notepad from Viking Direct's "Fashion Stationery" range* to help out with this blog post. My fitness schedule consists of occasional running and following the Blogilates Monthly Calendars. (I also recently joined the My Blogilates social network, add me here!) I love how Cassey puts together these calendars, but sometimes I forget to follow them, so I've decided to add my fitness schedule to my planner. Having a planner is essential for me to stay organised and remember the things I have to do, but since I left school last month I have been without one unfortunately, so I decided to make my own! ...

15 July 2014

New Clothes! Topshop, Accessorize, New Look

Today I've decided to share a few things that I picked up recently in town, mostly from the sales. I am really happy with these items, and I actually prefer shopping for clothes in store now rather than online, because of so many disappointing clothes I've bought online and expensive postage costs! Anyway, here's what I bought...

14 July 2014

Goodbye Foundation... Hello Tea Tree BB Cream!

On Saturday, my mum and I were browsing our local Body Shop, and were really impressed with the products we picked up! I had the intention of picking up a Tea Tree cleanser because Tea Tree works really well on my skin, but my mum spotted this BB cream, and I had to get it. The idea of a BB cream combined with tea tree to help my skin is great, and the shade 01 is actually pale enough for me! I've never ever actually had a foundation that matches my skin because I'm really pale, and the only BB cream I've ever tried (the Garnier one), was way too dark for me as well.

10 July 2014


I regularly suffer from headaches and migraines, which are usually worse if I have my hair tied up. So when I came across the "Invisibobble", I thought it would be perfect for me and I ordered a set instantly. With very thick curly hair like mine, hairbands regularly get stuck in my hair, causing me to pull out my hair, which is very painful! I get headaches, a sore head from the pulling and tangled / broken hair. So, did the Invisibobble make a difference? 

Glorious Goodwood’s Ladies’ Day Outfit!

Ah, the races... full of gorgeous women wearing gorgeous outfits... 888sport are currently running a competition for bloggers: 2 tickets for the Glorious Goodwood's Ladies' Day plus a £100 fashion voucher of your choice for an outfit. All you need to do is create an outfit that you'd love to wear to the races! Details here.

So I of course decided to enter, I'd love to go with my mum! And here is my dream outfit...